What are we working on? September Edition

In our Student Makerspace we have plenty going on! Each month we will feature some projects by our members.

This project has been going on since the Winterim here at UWM. Matt and Alexa started this hand, with the goal of creating a biometric controlled robotic hand! They programmed an arduino to control the motors inside of the arm, which are connected by string tendons to control the fingers of the hand. Great work you two! It has been featured at some of our events, including the UWM Innovation Expo!

Made by Matt and Alexa
Internals of the Mechanical Arm
Brain Activity Detector, Brought in by Alexa!

This is a print that our president, Bobby, had found on Thingiverse. This has been a hit with all of our members! This fidget cube actually turns when you play with it. How neat is that?!?

Made by President, Bobby
It turns!
Look for these at our next fundraiser!

Two of our members, Andrew and Ryan, recently fixed a broken computer monitor. Ryan brought it in, and they used our advanced electronics equipment to debug and diagnose the issue. They figured out that the “brain board” that controlled the monitor’s brightness was faulty. They whipped out an arduino, wrote some code, and got a working prototype solution. Then, they took the code from the arduino, and used a special programmer to put this code on a tinier board that would fit inside the monitor. They would be more than happy to help you fix or build anything electrical!

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