Prototyping Club Receives Special Recognition

The Prototyping Club was recently recognized at the 2019 UWM CEAS Student Research Poster Competition.

Prototyping Club members Ryan Confer, Easton Dobson, Bobby Erickson (President), Ray GrecoAndrew Krill (Vice President), Alexa Miller (Secretary),  Ryan Severson (President-Elect), Lucas Smith, and Will Marshall worked on the project over the course of nine weeks.  Together they created a beautiful 3D printed puzzle as a gift for the 100 judges of the competition.


Based upon a design by WildRoseBuild, the three piece puzzle (in UWM’s gold, black and white colors) features text reading “Industry,” “Students” or “Faculty.” They come together to form a strong, synergistic whole, greater than the sum of its parts, just like the Student Research Poster Competition. It is the combination of student motivation, faculty mentorship, and industry support that makes our  competition—and our college—a standout success.


See the process (including a time-lapse of the 3D printing!) below.

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