3D printing training

Welcome! We would love to teach you about 3D printing and how to use our 3D printers. We are all student volunteers, though, so training space is somewhat limited.

3D Printer Certification Steps

Step 1:

Read “STUDENT-Lab and Safety Rules” found here.


Step 2:

On that same page, click “Respond to this Survey” to take a short quiz on the safety information. (You may need to switch to “Desktop Mode” if browsing from a phone/tablet)


Step 3:

Read the “3D Printer Guide” found at here.


Step 4:

Take quiz on material you learned in step 3 (link to quiz found at end of guide).


Step 5:

Schedule an in-person exam (info found at end of guide).

Step 6:

Successfully demonstrate 3D printer knowledge at in-person exam.

The link to our Cura profile we use at Prototyping Club is here: proto_club_CURA